DECUMANI™ is much more than just a brand. Decumani is a movement born by the desire of 4 italian architects to create unique masterpieces able to join present, past and future.

Decumanus, along with cardines, were the main roads that defined the urban network of the Roman Empire, a real example of rationality and geometry like no others, a symbol of the “Italian touch”.

Our vision aims to revolutionize those parameters.

Our works may seem without any logic to a less trained observe; our goal is to recreate unique shapes with an intrinsic rationality. The geometry does not define the object, but its meaning. DECUMANI’s products go far beyond the outer beauty, they are created to have a soul.

They are completely designed and handcrafted in Italy. The materials used throughout the production process are typical of the italian tradition; from the Carrara marbles to the vesuvian ceramics. They represent centuries of experience and solidity.

DECUMANI™ will make your spaces one of a kind.